Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Counseling and Education

A HECM allows homeowners 62 years or older to convert home equity into available funds for a monthly payment, line of credit for needed draws or a lump sum to pay off debt without the requirement of a monthly payment and allowing borrowers to remain in the house. 

The counseling required for a HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) is specific to each client's circumstances with the goal of complete understanding of not only the Reverse Mortgage Loan but also the alternatives, social services available and budget evaluation.  Our counselors are available for your benefit and there is no fee if you decide not to pursue a HECM.  Our $125 counseling fee is paid with closing costs to those who have sufficient income and the fee can be waived if this presents an economic hardship. 

When times get tough and there is not enough money it is difficult to understand all the options especially when it comes to a unique loan like a HECM.  Contact us for counseling to evaluate your unique circumstances so you can make the best decision with the information at hand.