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POSITION TITLE:  Housing Counselor/Finance Officer


SALARY:  40 hours per week, Depending on experience


BASIC FUNCTIONS:  Work with economically and ethnically diverse clients providing Housing Counseling services. This includes but is not limited to: Homebuyer education, pre-purchase counseling, credit counseling, foreclosure counseling and eventually reverse mortgage counseling (HECM’s). Work with QuickBooks completing Payroll, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Help with administrative tasks, including budget management and program development.






-Provide housing counseling to clients

-Prepare payroll, handle accounts receivable, accounts payable

-Assist with auditing & monitoring of all programs

-Assist with data collection for federal and state reporting purposes

-Partner and coordinate with relevant organizations and referral agencies




-Become a HUD Certified Housing Counselor within first year of employment

-Mortgage lending experience highly preferred

-QuickBooks experience highly preferred

-Sensitivity and ability to work with economically and ethnically diverse individuals

-Excellent oral and written communication skills

-Good organizational and business skills

-Valid Nebraska driver’s license

-Ability to apply to become a Notary

-Ability and willingness to travel (fly to long distance trainings, drive to in-state trainings)

-Work independently but also possess ability to work with Executive Director

-Ability to take direction and willingness to learn

-Diplomatic skills.  Ability to be compassionate and caring

-Ability to teach budgeting

-Ability to speak Spanish preferred

Making Yourself at Home isn't Hard!

Congratulations Bennett Family on your new HPCDC Home! Working with lenders like Tina Lulow, First National Bank, Mortgage Loan Officer - NMLS #622024 is a recipe for a stress free move. Our rennovations make it easy to feel at home. Not to mention the energy star rating we always strive for keeps this home affordable at closing and every month!

If you or someone you know are looking for affodable housing opportunies in the Dawes County area contact us! 308-432-4346


Home is where the heart is!

We are delighted to share that two of our housing projects are complete and are now homes filled with heart.  The recent completion of these homes has brought two new homes on the tax role, improved the community, increased surrounding home values and helped these families have a home for their hearts to grow!

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